Bar Consoli Linguaglossa

Our story began more than seventy years ago, when the doors of the pastry bar were opened for the first time in the very central Via Roma in Linguaglossa.
Since then, skilled workers have followed one another within these labs.

In 1959 the pastry shop was taken over by Salvatore Consoli, pastry chef who – thanks to various experiences made far from his own land – achieved a quality recognized by all.
Salvatore Consoli was among the first ones in Linguaglossa to host ceremonies – including weddings – within its own pastry bar. For over twenty years, his restaurant was a point of reference for any type of event.

I preparativi per un matrimonio (1964)

Preparations for a wedding (1964)

With him, a new generation of pastry chefs was formed, including his son Nicola, who today continues to be an ambassador of that fine confectionery tradition handed down by his father.

Pinuccia e Nicola Consoli (1962)

Pinuccia e Nicola Consoli (1962)

In 2019 the management is taken by Daniele Russo, who comes from a family historically linked to Etna tourism and catering, together with Martina Musumeci, niece of Nicola. The new management initiates an important restyling of the premises and a new name is chosen: Nica Nuci.

Il nuovo marchio del bar pasticceria Nica Nuci

The new brand of the Nica Nuci pastry bar

The “Nucidda” (a synonymous of Nica Nuci and a Sicilian term to indicate the little nuts) for decades was the pride of many workers of the town of Linguaglossa, a symbol of the entire local economy. A name linked to tradition, but which projects the pastry into the future. Definitely a different place than in the past, which aims to combine the family experiences of the two young people.

The strong emotional bond with one's own territory is at the root of this ambitious project.
The certainty of the quality of raw materials, the enormous sense of belonging to the community combined with the awareness of the tourist potential of the context have given even more motivation to the realization of this dream.

With the new management, Nica Nuci wants to continue to be synonymous with quality, never losing sight of the value of innovation.